-33% Universal Mini Wrench Phone Mobile Stand

Sure, this mini replica wrench isn't quite as handy as its full-size cousin for tightening nuts and bolts, but when it comes to providing a stand for your phone, it's in a class of its own! Design-wise, it works just like a regular wrench but on a much smaller scale. Simply tighten the head around your handset and use the handle to support your phone horizontally or vertically. To release your mobile, meanwhile, simply loosen the wrench as you would a larger model. Finally, because the iWrench is made from plastic rather than metal, you don't need to worry about it causing any damage whatsoever to your handset – it's cleverly designed to grip it securely without leaving a trace.


its designed to look like your real deal pipe wrench. It comes complete with an adjustable jaw that can be adjusted to wrench to one side of your phone whose thickness is less than 1.2cm, propping it up. If you hook up a ring at its end, you could even use it as a keychain. In that sense, it could fit more than just the thin iPhone but also thicker devices. Its size is 8.5 2.81cm. it is made of environmentally friendly plastic which is non-toxic and safe. It is easy to carry on the key.




  • Wrench Stand holds and perfect for using in all mobile communicator to accommodate at a fantastic virwing angle
  • Mini replica wrench phone standSimply tighten/untighten the wrench to support/release your phone
  • Works horizontally and vertically
  • Compatible with the majority of handheld devices with a flat hard surface
  • Used with most handheld devices that have a flat hard surface.
  • Made of plastic - won't cause any damage to handsets
  • Package Size: 14.8 cm x 9.5 cm x 1.2 cm
  • Material: ABS, Plastic
  • Easily adjustable to fit most phones
  • Suitable for devices with flat hard surface
  • Light weight and compact
  • Made from environmentally friendly plastic
  • Easy to carry around on your keychain

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Universal Mini Wrench Phone Mobile Stand

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