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Led Sound Reactive Star T-Shirt Medium

Are you fed up of using regular t-shirts? Are you willing to wear a t-shirt that can make you stand ..

₹1,015 ₹599

Melting Bottle Clock

A Work of Art That Tells You the Time Can You Imagine a work of art that tells you the time? Can You..

₹1,499 ₹1,199

Message Coffee Mug

Use a pencil to write on the cup, the handwriting can be easily washed with water or erased, and reu..

₹599 ₹449

One Eyed Ninja USB Pen Drive 8GB

Don't be fooled by this slick ninja! Looks can deceive! For one, it's actually a 8GB Pen Drive compl..

₹729 ₹549

Ping Pong Drinking Flasks - Set of 2

Increase your difficulty level with this ping-pong paddle set composed of two flask paddles for sip..


Rechargeable Racing Car LED Table Lamp Blue

USB Racing Car LED Light is ideal for netbook/laptop users or anyone using computer in a low-light e..

₹1,199 ₹699

Self Stirring Coffee Milk Mug

Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly get any lazier… The Self Stirring Mug makes sti..

₹799 ₹499

Sevi Set Rhythm and Sound Set

Sevi’s Rhythm and Sound set has four musical instruments: a rainstick, a xylophone, a guiro and a ha..


Shopping Bag Wall / Desk Clock

This unique wall hanging clock portrays a shopping bag with a distinct style. The unique look of the..

₹799 ₹699

Trash Cans Ceramic Shot Glass - Set of 3

When you really want to get "trashed," what better way than by drinking from trash can - shaped sho..